Pulse Programs of Amino Acid Type-Selective 15N-HSQC Experiments

(includes all the MUSIC experiments)


All pulse programs have been tested and are in use by the author. However, they are made available without any warranty. The authors, the FMP or the UBC are not liable for any potential damage that might be caused in connection with the pulse programs. The authors are grateful for reports of errors/bugs and any suggestions for improvements.

News 2003

In order to find out how many signals are expected in each spectrum use the program SMASH which was developed at the FMP in Berlin by Ruediger Winter and Dirk Labudde.

For a description of every single experiment have a look at my PhD thesis or our publications.
You can either download my thesis as a pdf-file or if you live in Germany you can order a hardcopy from every bookshop (ISBN 3-89820-336-0, it is listed in "Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher").

VARIAN: 12 experiments are already running in the Protein-Pack format at NANUC in Edmonton. I was at NANUC in February and wrote them with the help of Ryan McKay. They are based on the "gcbca_co_nh" and "gcbca_nh". Several experiments can be recorded with one pulse sequence depending on which flags are set. However the 'TROSY' flag does not seem to work yet and we want to make sure that setting the decoupling power is save, before we distribute them. Feel free to contact Ryan McKay or me if you are interested in the sequences.
For the long run, the goal is to implement them in ProteinPack and that all necessary shapes are created on the fly.

Pulse sequences

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